Magic Eye III: A New Dimension in Art

This collection of fun, engaging 3D illustrations is perfect for Magic Eye fans everywhere.

In living rooms all over America—indeed, all over the world—people are scarcely believing what they see! Magic Eye has amazed millions and left everyone craving more. Stare into these seemingly abstract fields of color (no goofy glasses required) and an enchanting 3D image materializes. You will be astounded by the depth and clarity of the totally hidden image that develop like an instant photo.

About the Author

Magic Eye® ignited the worldwide 3D craze of the 1990s. In fact, Magic Eye I, II, and III appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list for a combined 73 weeks. More than 20 million copies of Magic Eye books have been sold in more than 25 languages. The weekly newspaper syndicated comic strip has appeared in newspapers around the world since 1994.

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