Lost and Found

A Heart of the City Collection

"Warm, funny, and a visual delight, Steenz's take on Heart of the City is next-level."  –Dana Simpson, Phoebe and Her Unicorn

This second collection of Heart of the City comics by award-winning author Steenz includes an entire school year’s worth of friendship, drama, comedy, and middle school life lessons. You’ll want to book a front-row seat!

Heart Lamarr wants to follow in her father’s footsteps as an actor, but she hasn’t seen him in years—until he shows up on Christmas Eve with a surprise gift. It’s an especially timely reappearance after Heart’s dreams of stardom hit a major snag. Meanwhile, Charlotte and friends to lead a high-tech investigation into the mystery of the missing Lost and Found items. A visit from Dean’s cousin leads to a riveting boys vs. girls showdown, and Charlotte welcomes a shy new girl to the school after seeing her with her family at the soup kitchen where Charlotte volunteers.

The second book collection of Heart of the City comics by Steenz digs deeper into the adventures, friendships, and daily dramas of Heart Lamarr, a girl from Philadelphia with big dreams of heading straight from middle school to Broadway stardom.

About the Author

Christina Stewart, known as Steenz, is a St. Louis-based cartoonist, editor, and professor. They are the cartoonist on the Ringo Award-nominated syndicated comic strip Heart Of The City, the co-creator of Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning graphic novel Archival Quality (Oni Press), and are featured in short story anthologies such as Eisner and Ignatz Award-winning ELEMENTS: FireMine!, and Dead Beats. Steenz launched and edited the popular RPG periodical Rolled & Told. They participate in and create community-building comics-related programming, and are a frequent panelist at comic cons. Steenz currently teaches cartooning at Webster University while editing titles from independent publishers. They live with their husband, two cats, and watch a lot of esoteric social documentaries.

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