life is terribly long isn't it? shall we rest?

People look everywhere for good advice. They seek it out in self-help books or in their therapist’s office. But really, all the advice anyone needs is in Vimrod’s life. This tiny, addictive character shows us that life isn’t all that serious.

In fact, it’s almost comical.

Cheaper than a therapist — and funnier.

* Take in this life lesson: “Try, try, try again. If still you don’t succeed, pay for someone else to do it.” Well said.

* A perfect graduation, encouragement, accomplishment, all-occasion gift.

* Get through life in 32 pages and survive happily with original illustrated snippets of wisdom and contemplation.

About the Author

California-based Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar are NY Times bestselling authors, and their illustrated books have been translated into over 20 languages. They founded their graphic art studio Last Lemon in a beach house in South Africa in 2005. Today, the writing and creative team continue to find the perfect way of expressing their thoughts and musings, including the silly and bizarre ones. Lisa and Ralph publish new jokes every day to Facebook and Instagram.​

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