Jobs of the Future

Imaginative Careers for Forward-Thinking Kids

A fun and imaginative guide to futurist STEAM careers that will inspire middle-grade readers to dream big and envision a better world.

From chemistry and climatology to robotics and the arts, Jobs of the Future imagines professions that may one day be essential to preserving and improving life on Earth. Become a “plastics fisherman” and save the oceans from pollution! Or be a “cloud hunter” and help to slow global warming! Whatever their passion, children will discover a world of possibility in this colorful and inspiring guide to a wide range of futuristic careers.

About the Author

Sofia E. Rossi holds master’s degrees in cognitive neuroscience and science communication. Her interdisciplinary background allows her to bring a mix of creativity and critical thinking to the latest scientific debates. She lives in Milan, Italy.
Carlo Canepa is a journalist and political fact-checker. He was editor-in-chief for The Post Internazionale and co-author of the 2018 documentary The Choice: The Risks of Web Democracy.

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