In Her Light

In Her Light is breakout poet Christi Steyn’s second collection of poetry, exploring the all-encompassing journey back to the truest version of the self.

Christi Steyn has made a name for herself across social media as a poet who speaks right to the heart, allowing readers to connect and feel seen; In Her Light is a beautiful example of this talent and skill at work. Her second collection of poems—and the follow-up to 2022’s What the Moon Gave Her—takes readers struggling with mental health by the hand, helping them to find their own inspiration and beauty within themselves.
Encouraging and honest, In Her Light is a beautiful evolution of Christi Steyn’s talent as a writer and a conduit of hope.

About the Author

Christi Steyn was born in South Africa, where she studied English, theater, and education. She is an avid lover of the ocean, spontaneous dance sessions, and conversations with the mountains. Having amassed millions of followers worldwide for her captivating readings of poetry, Christi hopes to make her readers fall in love with words. She believes in adventure and the beauty of storytelling and strives to continue connecting with others through her poetry.

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