I See Stupid People

And They Are Getting On My Last Nerve!

There’s a lot of stupid out there and Caldwell channels it in her new offbeat, hilarious, and hiply illustrated book, I See Stupid People. If stupid stresses you out, then you need to check this out.

I See Stupid People is a little pick-me-up for dealing with (and working with) the generally annoying and IQ-challenged breed of humans. And they are everywhere. It soothes stress like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Heck, it might even have the power of coffee and a private screaming session in the coat closet.

* "So when’s the wizard going to get back to you about that brain?" and "You drive me to drink. Thank you." These are just a few witticisms shared with readers.

* It is the perfect combination of LOL one-liners (the stuff most of us are too scared to say out loud) with expressive characters and illustrations. I See Stupid People is chock-full of what we’re all thinking but the PC in us won’t let it out. 

About the Author

 Cheryl Caldwell of Lakeland, FL, is a sometimes artist, photographer, filmmaker, and marine aquarist. Most of her inspiration comes from the fact that she finds the mundane to be hilarious and that she has an unconventional view of the world.

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