I Remember My Teacher

365 Reminiscences of the Teachers Who Changed Our Lives

Over the course of a year writer David Shribman questioned virtually everyone he encountered about the role teachers had played in their lives. The result is this extrordinary collection of personal remembrances of teachers, relayed by people from all walks of life. Readers will be inspired by the Montreal bookseller whose math teacher taught statistics using cards and dice, by the second-grade teacher who let a young George Stephanopoulos go to the library whenever he was bored in class, and by Sister Patricia, a favorite teacher of former Secretary Of Labor Alexis Herman, who once told her, "You can fly, by that cocoon has to go." These 365 short testimonials offer a tribute to teachers for each day of the year. With accounts from Geena Davis, Clarence Thomas, Norman Schwarzkopf, and others, I Remember My Teacher… will move readers with inspiring stories of their most influential teachers, professors, and coaches. 

About the Author

David Shribman is Washington bureau chief for The Boston Globe and a nationally syndicated columnist.

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