I Am Not a Wolf

One of the Best Humor Books of 2021! (Vulture)

You are a HUMAN MAN navigating every day life, dating, bus etiquette, and other important human concerns. You are definitely NOT A WOLF. 

Life is good. You have a job, an apartment in a nice part of town, and an online dating profile that’s recently yielded as many as three matches. From the outside, it would appear you’re a human man that has all the pieces of a stable and functional life. But you also have a horrible secret. You’re not a human man at all. You're a WOLF. 

Based on the immensely popular Twitter account @SickOfWolves, this interactive story follows you, (who, if anyone asks, is NOT A WOLF) as you go about normal life, making choices that will either reveal your true identity or allow you to keep your cover. Each choice is crucial to your survival and, more importantly, your burgeoning graphic design career. Will you navigate water cooler gossip without arousing suspicion? Can you go on a date without bringing up how much you love ham? Or is it perhaps time to throw this human world to the wind and return to the woods from whence you came?  

About the Author

Dan Sheehan is a writer from Chicago now living in Los Angeles. He is the creator of the wildly popular @SickOfWolves Twitter account and his writing has been featured in Playboy, McSweeney’s, The Onion, ClickHole, and more. Dan is also cocreator of the storytelling show and podcast “We Still Like You.”

Sage Coffey is a small nonbinary critter living it up in Chicago, IL. Since 2016 they've edited Sweaty Palms, a comic anthology about anxiety, and they have done work for Comics for Choice, Dirty Diamonds, The Dandelion & Wine Collective's The Sun and the Wayward Wind, Cards Against Humanity, Def Jam Entertainment, The Nib, and Adult Swim. 

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