How We Got By

111 People Share Stories of Survival, Resilience, and Hope through Hardship

When your world is upended, how do you react? Who do you become? New York Times columnists, illustrator Julia Rothman and writer Shaina Feinberg, seek answers to these questions and more in this gorgeously illustrated collection of sometimes heartbreaking, always illuminating first-person stories.

Based on one of Feinberg and Rothman's columns in the New York Times, “How We Got By: New Yorkers’ Advice for Getting Through a Crisis,” How We Got By is an ambitious journalistic undertaking rendered in an artful, collectible package. Each accompanied by one of Rothman’s full-color illustrated portraits, these personal accounts touch on a wide variety of subjects, from money and business to relationships, family, trauma, and death.

A window into the world of how others think, feel, and, ultimately, survive, How We Got By invites us to remember our shared humanity as well as our truly extraordinary resilience.

About the Author

Julia Rothman is the author and/or illustrator of fourteen books, including Nature AnatomyLadies Drawing Night, and Hello, New York. In 2017, she cofounded––with Wendy MacNaughton––Women Who Draw, an open directory of female-identifying illustrators, artists, and cartoonists. 

Shaina Feinberg is a New York City-born-and-raised author and filmmaker whose character-driven films explore themes of gender and sexism with heart and humor. She has written for the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and has a regular column in the New York Times

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