How to Ruin Your Sister’s Life

Sisters love each other, hate each other, torment each other-and still manage to stick up for each other. Author Mary McHugh explores the unique relationship sisters share and provides plenty of ways to drive a beloved sister mad in How to Ruin Your Sister’s Life.

Sisters have made tormenting each other a virtual art form, despite their familial love. Their emotional and mental tricks can make the physical torture brothers inflict on one another seem like child’s play.

Finally girls and women have somewhere to turn when they run out of ideas for making their sisters miserable: How to Ruin Your Sister’s Life. Author Mary McHugh’s hilarious, sometimes outrageous suggestions provide all the guidance these girls need, whether they’re 16 or 60. A few examples:

* Marry her boyfriend.

* Throw away the heads of all her Barbie dolls.

* Sob loudly throughout her wedding.

* Tell your 13-year-old sister’s boyfriend that she still sucks her thumb.

* Cut up her Christmas stocking and flush it down the toilet.

* Take a picture of your 55-year-old sister nude, brushing her teeth.

Of course, the best defense is to buy this book before your sister does!

About the Author

Mary McHugh is a writer and regular contributor to She is the author of 15 books, including How Not to Become a Little Old Lady. Mary has written for Good Housekeeping, the New York Times, and Family Circle.


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