How to Ruin Your Marriage

Looking for a way to spice up your marriage? Author Mary McHugh provides proven tips and quips to make any spouse immediately snap to attention. Marriage has its ups and downs, but How to Ruin Your Marriage is here to ensure that once you get on that emotional roller coaster it’ll never stop!

Marriage can be a bumpy road–if you let it! Smooth marriages are no fun, and they can need a little help to keep them from becoming stale, dry, and predictable.

Author Mary McHugh scored a hit when she wrote the successful How Not to Become a Little Old Lady. Now she offers up more than 250 concise, sage tips for keeping your marriage interesting in How to Ruin Your Marriage.

Take your spouse on a roller coaster ride with suggestions like these:

* Tell your mother-in-law she brought up a spoiled brat.

* Watch All My Children, drink wine, and cry.

* Exchange your king-sized bed for twin beds.

* If your wife asks you if you will miss her when she dies, say, Life goes on.

Complemented with illustrator Adrienne Hartman’s hilarious drawings, How to Ruin Your Marriage is a surefire fix to keep your marriage from being dull and worn-out.

About the Author

Mary McHugh is a writer and regular contributor to She is the author of 15 books, including How Not to Become a Little Old Lady. Mary has written for Good Housekeeping, the New York Times, and Family Circle.


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