High School Isn’t Pretty

A Close to Home Collection

Welcome to the hilarious imagination of cartoonist John McPherson. The (N.Y.) Saratogian says, "In John McPherson’s world everyone looks dumpy and dour. Babies eat animals. The only ice cream flavors are Mustard Meringue, Poultry Platter, and Cookies ‘n’ Cauliflower. And old folks use cats to keep themselves warm at night." In this collection of McPherson’s cartoons, High School Isn’t Pretty, he explores the netherworld of adolescence and young adulthood, that time in everyone’s life when the quest for coolness prevails over all other impulses. And McPherson looks at this world differently than the rest of us do: He notices the oddities, the idiosyncrasies, the inconsistencies that make us human and make us laugh. His oddball characters and unusual situations strike a universal chord because they present a distorted mirror of ourselves. High school was never this much fun! 

About the Author

John McPherson hails from Painted Post, New York. He holds mechanical engineering and English degrees from Bucknell University and began drawing Close to Home in 1992. He currently resides in upstate New York with his two sons.

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