Just as basking in the glow of the warm evening sun does, this radiant collection of poetry and art from bestselling poet Wilder, will leave you filled with hope, love, and peace.

Accompanying Wilder’s first book of poetry Nocturnal, Golden is another collection of celestial-themed poems and art by poet Wilder Poetry. Differing from its sister book, this collection is divided into four parts––“Magic Hour,” “Soul,” “Oracle,” and “Sanctuary” ––and focuses on the brightest star in our solar system: the Sun. Much like the celestial body that inspired its name, Golden explores the brighter, sunnier emotions life has to offer. Readers are guided down a sunlit path to happiness and learn that once the heart is open, opportunities for love never cease.

About the Author

I am an open window. Tangled sheets at 1AM.

I count stars instead of sheep and dream with my eyes wide open. It's how I know that I'll always remember them.

My creative journey began as a child when I used to paint the sky on the back of my hands so the folded paper cranes on the bedroom floor had a reason to come to life. I was born a dreamer and many years later, I still am.

Curiosity has never failed me and neither have the words that escape my hands.

These words...they are not just for me.
They are for you.
They are for all of us.

If you are home, then I am, too.

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