Girls of the World

250 Portraits of Awesome

This collection of powerful photographs and moving stories showcases young women of all backgrounds, from a myriad of cultures, showing us that all girls are awesome in their own special way.

Travel from Kabul to Texas with author and photographer Mihaela Noroc and experience astonishing diversity and a shared humanity in Girls of the World: 250 Portraits of Awesome.
The inspiring stories of these young women are the stories of our planet. Their gaze into the camera reveals their strength and tenacity, their joy and fun-seeking spirits, even in the face of hardships and extraordinary challenges.

About the Author

Mihaela Noroc is a Romanian photographer who has been traveling the world for almost a decade, using her camera to capture the unique beauty and diversity of women around the globe. The first book that grew out of her travels was THE ATLAS OF BEAUTY: Women of the World in 500 Portraits, and her work has been featured in outlets like CNN, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Glamour.

After becoming a mother, Mihaela found herself newly invigorated, with a mission to provide inspiration to her daughter Natalia through her photography. What she found on her travels were girls, across all cultures, on every continent, who were more alike than different.
Through stunning, original portraits––like camel herder Abeyana from Ethiopia and surfer Nargis from Bangladesh––and the inspirational stories that accompany them, Mihaela shares the pure joy, sheer magic, and immense potential that lives within every girl in the world.

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