Gamer Girls: Retro Rhythms

Jess, Celia, Nat, and Lucy are the Gamer Girls—four BFFs who game together. In this fourth book of the exciting series, the friends discover a new game at a local arcade, Dance Dance Rhythms. (Okay, maybe it's not that new. In fact, it's a little retro.) But mistakes happen and it's up to Jess to put them right, or else her mom's dreams could be CRUSHED. This is the fourth book in the popular Gamer Girls series, for fans of The Babysitter's Club AND Pokemon!

Jess never thought she'd be a gamer. The posters in her bedroom are dedicated to Naomi Osaka and Misty Copeland, not video game streamers. But ever since joining the Gamer Girls squad, Jess has learned a TON about video games.
One evening, Jess discovers something wonderful . . . sitting in her parents’ guest room is a brand-new, sealed Dance Dance Rhythms game from the ‘90s! What's more, if she trades it in at the local game store, she can get a NEW game. But trading it might not have been the best idea . . . and Jess might have to risk it all in order to get it back.
Can Jess keep going at her fast pace, or will she need a new rhythm?

In this fourth book of the popular Gamer Girls series, four friends navigate the video game world and the middle school world . . . if only they could solve drama as easily as they defeat monsters! Gamer Girls: Retro Rhythms celebrates history, family, Black Girl Magic, and the 10th anniversary of legalized queer and gay marriage in the United States (Jess has two moms). This series is perfect for readers who love video games. Retro Rhythms includes 30 black-and-white illustrations throughout.

About the Author

Andrea Towers is a writer based in New York who has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade and lived in geek spaces for a lifetime. Her book and comic work includes Geek Girls Don't Cry: Real-Life Lessons From Fictional Female Characters, Trolls: Comictivity, and Octobriana With Love. Her writing on pop culture has appeared in outlets such as Entertainment Weekly, Marvel, and Nerdist, Bustle, IGN, Variety, Mashable, The Wrap, Uproxx, and more.

Briana Lawrence has wanted to be a "WRITTER" since she was nine years old. Her fourth grade class laughed and wondered how one hoped to become a “writer” if they couldn’t even spell the word. Briana graduated from Iowa State University in 2006 and moved to Minneapolis with her partner. Today, she is the Senior Features Editor at Crunchyroll. She is also the author of In Search of Superpowers: A Fantasy Pin World Adventure, her debut middle grade book and book series; The Essential Guide to Manga (Scholastic, 2024) ;and the self-published magical girl series, magnifiqueNOIR. Briana lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and enjoys all things nerdy like anime, video games, cosplay, and reading too much manga.

Alexis Jauregui is a Peruvian-Chinese illustrator/story artist from Southern California. She has worked at places such as DreamWorks and Cartoon Network. When she isn't drawing or playing Animal Crossing or Pokémon, she is traveling around trying new foods, sipping her favorite boba, as well as listening to podcasts about fairy tales and spooky stories.  

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