From the Heart to My Friend

In the early 1900s, a Kansas schoolteacher named Nellie Howard delighted in receiving postcards from her many friends. She cherished each one, preserving her collection in a jewelry box. The jewelry box, handed down through generations, still houses what is now a museum-quality collection of exquisite Victorian postcards. A century after Nellie Howard received them, friends can once again share her beloved postcards. In From the Heart to My Friend, the beautifully rendered images from Nellie’s collection are reproduced in authentic detail and presented with warm verses and quotes on the universal theme of friendship. The postcards whose artwork is captured in this unique book were created by talented artists, many of them women, during the "Golden Age of Postcards," from 1898 to 1918. The accompanying text, from books of the same period, is both fittingly nostalgic and strikingly relevant to today’s sensibilities. The result is a lovely and meaningful gift to be treasured for a lifetime, and a fascinating artifact of vintage Americana.

About the Author

Vicky Howard is an accomplished artist whose images are frequently licensed by companies such as Creative Papers, Dimensions, Gartner, Barton, Converting, Crazy Mountain, and Toland. Her previous books include The Art of Teaching, Christmas Cheer, and The Book of Santa Claus. Vicky lives with her husband, Rex, in Lawrence, KS.

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