Tarot Poetry

Based on the rider-waite-smith tarot cards, this book dives into the world of tarot through delicate and illuminating poetry that stirs the soul.

Inside this book, you will find 78 poems, one for each card in the Major and Minor Arcana—all a poetic interpretation by the author. An index is included at the back to help readers navigate the poems as primarily this book is intended to be used for “readings,” with blank pages beside each poem for the reader to use however they wish, in essence becoming the co-author of their own copy.

About the Author

kim rashidi is a 24-year-old poet based in toronto. she explores the cosmos through her words and has a soft spot for capturing love and life in the mundane. writing about the lives, cities, and timelines that mirror back the romantic, she weaves reality with imagined possibilities. she holds an MA in English literature and has taken to poetry since she was 16.

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