Focus Pocus 90-Day Guided Journal

Creative Reflections for Intention and Mindfulness

A beautifully illustrated 90-day guided journal to help focus your thoughts, time, and creative energy into achieving true happiness and your goals. Awash in gorgeous watercolors and gentle, hand-lettered prompts reflecting self-love and positive action, this refreshing and empowering daily ritual is a fun and practical tool for harnessing intention and manifesting mindfulness. 

The Focus Pocus 90-Day Guided Journal features three 30-day cycles of daily prompts and visualizations designed to screen out negativity and distractions, focus nurturing and emboldening energy toward manifesting one's dreams, and grow the spirit through a refreshing and reflective daily practice. Included with the daily journaling pages are an insightful introduction from the author, New Moon and Full Moon rituals to amplify intentions and release energy, and check-in pages to note progress, pose questions, or illustrate visions. 

About the Author

Kimothy Joy is an illustrator and author. Her books include That’s What She Said: Wise Words from Influential Women (2018) and, as illustrator, Hope Smith's Your Body Is Magic: Wellness Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth (2022).

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