Famous Pairs

A Deliciously Absurd Collection of Portraits

Famous Pairs captures some of history’s most noteworthy twosomes in a deliciously funny way. From Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to Buffy and the Vampire, you’ve never seen couples depicted like this. Some pairs are sweet, some are juicy, and some are just plain tasteless. This collection is so good you’ll eat it up.Ah, the ubiquitous art photography book with its boring pictures of boring celebrities. Not so, Famous Pairs. Still life with fruit? Not exactly. Think famous couples as fruit. Pears, more precisely. Photographer Jeannie Sprecher and writer Kim O’Brien have created a deliciously twisted take on celebrity photos and art photography. In Famous Pairs, they present some of our culture’s most famous and infamous duos as pears. The result? A juicy collection ripe with funny social commentary.

Don’t worry. You’ll have no trouble recognizing these couples. Bonnie and Clyde riddled with bullet holes. Adam and Eve confronting the apple. King Henry VIII beside a decapitated Anne Boleyn. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky . . . Let’s just say it’s a good thing the artists used fruit as their medium.

With artistic arrangements of shapely Anjous, Bartletts, Red Bartletts, and Boscs that will make your mouth water and rich four-color photography, Sprecher and O’Brien have assembled a unique collection that both skewers and rivals the most pretentious art photography books. After one taste, you will certainly agree. Another serving, please!

About the Author

Owner and lead creative director of Sprecher Design House, Jeannie Sprecher lives in Santa Barbara, New York, and London. She spends her time photographing, designing, creating books, and canning fruit.

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