Euphemisms That Get on My You-Know-Whats

And Other Meticulously Assembled Lists of Extremely Valuable Nonsense

There’s one thing that can provide comfort in a world of chaos and confusion: overly specific lists.

Ever wondered what the Mandarin word for platypus translates to? Probably not, but it’s “duck mouth beast.” And there’s more where that came from, thanks to Adam Sharp’s Euphemisms That Get on My You-Know-Whats, a collection of fascinating, hilarious, and brilliantly odd lists.

This book covers just about everything you never knew you didn’t know, from the noises that animals make around the world to titles of movies that sound dirty but aren’t—and much more. Whether you revel in trivia, desire more creative ways to curse your foes, or simply enjoy the structure of a good list, you’ll love the weird genius of Euphemisms That Get on My You-Know-Whats.


About the Author

Adam Sharp is originally from Manchester, United Kingdom but has moved around often and worked over thirty jobs. A list of some of the things he’s been paid to do: teaching sports to kindergartners, serving sandwiches in casinos, catching footballs, juggling bottles, washing dishes, reviewing music, changing diapers, and walking on stilts. He counts this book in the list of his proudest achievements—alongside almost folding a fitted sheet once. You can find Adam on Twitter (and tell him all the things he got wrong in this book) at @AdamCSharp.

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