Escape Book

Madam Mortell's Haunted House

Solve strange puzzles and riddles with scary monsters in order to escape the book, in the third installment of The Escape Book series!

Beware brave souls, you’re trapped!

In the middle of a carnival, you discover a mysterious building and you're in for the fright of your life! Locked in this strange place inhabited by vampires, dancing ghosts, and even Frankenstein, you must now find a way to escape. Will you be able to solve the bizarre puzzles and rise to the challenge? It will take everything you’ve got to make it out safely. Bring the excitement of the popular escape room activity with you everywhere you go in this third book, Madam Mortell's Haunted House. You will need to keep your cool to free yourself because who knows what terrifying monsters you'll encounter along the way!

About the Author

Arthur Ténor is a kid at heart. He loves fairy tales, epic fantasy, historical fiction . . . and of course, funny stories. That’s why whenever someone asks him what his job is, he replies, "explorer of the imagination.” While he thinks of himself as an adventure and fantasy novelist, he’s also a world citizen and a human being deeply affected by real-life events—which has lead him to also write realistic novels, sometimes taking on serious themes such as harassment, digital security, or politics. Besides writing, he loves meeting and talking to new people, whether at conventions, schools, or just about anywhere else.


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