Earth to Earth

Art Inspired By Nature's Design

My photographs are made with the same sunlight that powers all the earth’s living systems. –Martin Hill

* Reminiscent of the internationally best-selling Earth from Above, Martin Hill’s Earth to Earth transforms the beauty of everyday items found in nature and elevates them to ecological art.

Ecology is a science that is entering its renaissance as issues of global warming, greenhouse emissions, and ozone depletion make their way from scientific debates and newspaper headlines to family breakfast tables. Environmental photographer Martin Hill and project collaborator Philippa Jones visit remote locations around the globe to create a stunning array of evocative photographs that represent a visual circle of life promoting ecological sustainability and responsibility.

In addition to an eloquent introduction by Sir Edmund Hillary, ecologically minded quotes and facts appear throughout the collection:

* Each day more solar energy falls to the earth than the total amount of energy the planet’s six billion inhabitants would consume in 25 years.

* What use is a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

In Earth to Earth Hill presents more than 70 transcendent four-color photographs that capture images of natural items found in nature, which he then transforms into exquisitely intricate sculptural masterpieces. Prior to leaving each location–whether at the top of a snow-covered mountain or on the sand-blown shores of a windy beach–Hill ensures that each site is left exactly as it was found.

About the Author

Martin Hill is an internationally recognized photographer, environmental artist, and commercial designer. His environmental sculpture photographs have been published on cards and posters and in books and calendars since 1995. He lives in Wanaka, New Zealand.

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