Amazing but True Canine Tales

Packed with fun, interesting, and touching anecdotes, Dogmania’s tales of tail waggers are sure to amaze and delight the more than 50 million people in the U.S. who are proud dog owners.

They are cheerful, brave, and faithful. They demonstrate unconditional love, remarkable intelligence, and startling sensitivity. They are eager to play-and to please. And all they ask for is a pat on the head and food in their bowl.

Dogmania is a celebration of courageous and canny canines whose antics and adventures will entertain all animal lovers. Included are amazing tales about such dogs as:

* Selvakumar, a mongrel who dragged a seven-year-old boy to safety in the face of the swirling waters of the 2004 tsunami.

* Blue, the Australian blue heeler, who fended off a huge alligator to save his elderly master’s life.

* Sweetie, the overweight terrier who emerged from her grave after she was mistakenly buried.

* Samson, the German Shepherd mix who acts as a guide dog for his blind canine sweetheart, Delilah.

Dogmania features more than 150 stories never before told in book form. This canine collection is sure to amuse and amaze the nearly 40 percent of U.S. homes that have a dog as a part of their family.

About the Author

Allan Zullo's bright, breezy, conversational style is behind more than 75 popular nonfiction books, including Andrews McMeel Publishing titles like Mews Items, Amazing but True Cat Tales, Amazing but True Dog Tales, and Amazing but True Fishing Tales. He also authored the best-selling True Tales of Animal Heroes. He lives near Asheville, N.C.

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