Poems by Dacre Montgomery

A story of living, imagery from bursts of color and feelings, and hallucinations of our imagination. Written by spoken word poet, podcaster, and Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery, comes his debut collection of poetry DKMH

Since its release as a small mixed-media podcast, DKMH has topped charts all over the internet. Written and produced by Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery, the DKMH platform is expanding to print. This exciting debut collection of poetry and prose is an analysis of ego, love, anger, and anxiety. Each poem investigates our individual driving forces and how experiences shape us into the humans we are, deeply personal yet strangely familiar and universal. Consumable on a variety of platforms, DKMH is a constant battle between themes that explore the biggest life questions: who are we, why are we, and what drives us?

About the Author

Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey is an Australian actor and poet, primarily known for his portrayals of Jason Lee Scott in Power Rangers and Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things.  His podcast titled "DKMH” was released in 2019, rose to the top of podcast charts with over 800,000 plays, and features his poetry paired with music from 150 talented musicians from around the world. His poetry is an expression of what drives him, what scares him, what gets him up in the morning. Universal, instinctive, and deep, Montgomery’s words touch hearts and minds across the globe.

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