Dibs on His Clubs!

An In the Bleachers Golf Collection

(Steve) Moore’s work evokes the bizarre imagery of Gary Larson’s The Far Side and Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Even the most golf-obsessed must admit it: Swatting that tiny dimpled ball around meticulously manicured landscaping makes for one hilarious game. For everyone who appreciates that humor–and especially for those too serious about golf to crack a smile–Dibs on His Clubs! parades the lighter side of this sport enjoyed by millions. 

Dibs on His Clubs! is AMP’s first book with Steve Moore, the cartoonist and creative genius behind the In the Bleachers daily panel, now syndicated to newspapers throughout the U.S. Steve narrows his normal general sports focus to golf, a game that captivates everyone from avid amateurs to those who enjoy watching multimillionaire athletes at work. Steve brings his trademark wacky characters and outrageous situation comedy to every frame of this golf-guffawing collection.

Dibs on His Clubs! comes richly illustrated in Moore’s sparse but dead-on drawing style. His paunchy duffers are delightful. His players’ expressions are outrageous. And no other cartoonist working today finds more ways to inject the timely and the totally-off-the-wall aspects of sports into his work. This book’s a humor hole in one for everyone who ever picked up a club, or who simply appreciates seeing a great comedic mind at the top of his game.

About the Author

Steve Moore was born in Colorado and grew up in Southern California. He graduated from Oregon State University and completed his master's degree in journalism at the University of Oregon, his alma mater’s rival institution. After college, he worked as the sports editor for Maui News in Hawaii. During this time, he created In the Bleachers. Soon after, Moore moved to the Los Angeles Times where he worked in sports, news, and features for eleven years. He resigned as the Times executive news editor in order to concentrate on his comic and to work in TV/feature film animation. Success followed in this field as well, and he completed two animated feature films that, combined, grossed $299 million worldwide: Open Season and Alpha & Omega. Moore has produced 26 animated shorts for ESPN and is the creator of a children's animated TV show titled Metalheads. Even with his diagnosis with Essential Tremor, Moore plans to continue with his comic and stay attached to the sports world.

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