Dear Mom

Thank You for Everything

From international best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive, a revised edition of the classic gift book for Moms that has sold over 2 million copies, featuring newly hand-colored photos throughout and additional jacket enhancements.

Dear Mom, “Thank you for letting a chubby-cheeked two-year-old run wild among your most precious possessions. . . . Thank you for being my full-time, on-call, personal chauffeur from day one.” As the world’s best-selling author of personal sentiment titles–with more than 20 million books sold worldwide–Bradley Trevor Greive strikes at the heart of the mother-child relationship inside Dear Mom. Now this ode to mom-dom receives an update, featuring special hand-colored enhancements to the book’s captivating black-and-white photographs, author-illustrated end papers, and a gilt-highlighted cover.

Greive’s signature mix of touching animal photographs paired with his gentle humor and heartfelt words of thanks lets Mom know just how much she’s loved. Dear Mom serves as a poignant and humorous tribute to mothers of all ages by perfectly capturing those prevalent emotions that moms inspire, namely, love, affection, and sincere gratitude. As Greive concludes, “Frankly, I’d be lost without you, Mom, and I only wish I had more than one lifetime to repay the incredible debt I owe you.”

About the Author

 Since the debut of his international bestseller The Blue Day Book, Bradley Trevor Greive has become a household name in more than 115 countries. A former Australian paratrooper, BTG left the army to pursue more creative misadventures. He has been bitten by wild monkeys and rabid bats and was accepted into Russia's cosmonaut training program--though those incidents were, by and large, unrelated. BTG spends most of his time in a tiny Tasmanian hamlet.

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