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“They say you can’t go home again. But that’s because they haven’t discovered Crabgrass. (Yet.) Every strip is like a visit from your best friend in grade school. The one who always got you in trouble for laughing too loud.”  –Brad Guigar, Creator of Evil Inc

Through its heartwarming, wry, and relatable comic episodes, Crabgrass explores the timeless subject of friendship between two boys growing up in the 1980s.

For best friends Kevin and Miles, each day is filled with adventure. When they aren't chasing the ice cream truck on their bikes or braving the coyote-filled woods armed with only a potato launcher, Kevin and Miles stretch out on a dock or beneath the shade of a tree, avoiding chores and watching the world go by. The two also help each other navigate adversity at school, avoiding bullies, falsifying disastrous report cards, and trying not to embarrass themselves too much in front of a crush. Through its heartwarming, wry, and relatable comic episodes set in the 1980s, Crabgrass explores the timeless subjects of friendship, imagination, and what it means to be a kid. 

The humor, warmth, and innocence of Crabgrass will appeal to fans of classic comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts as well as readers of bestselling middle grade series like Phoebe and Her Unicorn and Big Nate.

About the Author

Tauhid Bondia is a webcartoonist and illustrator from Kentucky. He has been creating comics online for 15 years, and loves drawing and telling stories as much as ever. His comic Crabgrass is about two best friends surviving childhood in the early 1980s, which is scheduled to launch in newspapers across the country in spring 2022. He previously wrote and illustrated A Problem Like Jamal, a comic about a young brother named Jamal Marcus trying to navigate life and middle school in a modern era.

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