Confessions to My Mother

For years, Cathy and her mother have been working out their relationship on the comic pages in such an honest, relatable, humor-filled way that thousands of mothers and daughters have written to say the comic strip is the single thing that has helped them keep speaking to each other over the years.

In Confessions to My Mother, Cathy helps daughters speak to their mothers in an even more poignant way–with page after page of everything from embarrassing truths…

"The last time you came to visit I spent a whole day hiding things before you got here."

to belated admissions…

I’m sorry for the 10 to 15 years I spent grunting at you."

to personal revelations…

The inside of my bathroom cabinet looks exactly as bad as the inside of your bathroom cabinet."

and heartfelt sentiments..

"When I make your chicken soup, it doesn’t taste like your chicken soup."

"The thing I am the most sure of in my life is that you love me."

"Because of you, I can’t throw out a cardboard box."

According to creator Cathy Guisewite, Confessions to My Mother is "all the deep, insightful, meaningful things I want to say to Mom, but never actually say because I’m too busy acting like a five-year-old when I’m with her."

About the Author

Cathy Guisewite launched Cathy in newspapers in 1976, becoming one of the few female cartoonists to hit the daily strip Big Time. Cathy Guisewite's many awards include a 1993 Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year and an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program for her CBS Cathy special.

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