Come Back to Me

A Bedtime Story for Sleepy Eyes

From New York Times bestselling author r.h. Sin comes an instant classic lullaby that illustrates the beauty of imagination in the eyes of a child.

Written from the warm and comforting perspective of a parent and illustrating the beauty in childlike imagination comes a timeless new lullaby from celebrated poet r.h. Sin. Come Back to Me is a sweet celebration of dream-filled slumber.

About the Author

r.h. Sin is a New York Times bestselling author of poetry books. He lives in New York with his wife, poet Samantha King Holmes, and two children.

Janie Secker lives near Christchurch, New Zealand, with her husband and two indulged sausage dogs. She works in a digital medium, adding hand-painted elements to provide texture and depth. "Looking into a blank canvas, carving out little worlds upon it, bringing those worlds to life, is magical to me."

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