Celebrating Graduation

Share, Remember, Cherish

The sixth keepsake gift book created with 1800-Flowers targets one of the most consistently successful gift book markets—life wisdom and congratulations for graduates—with meaningful quotes, fascinating facts, and inspirational advice enhanced by appealing four-color illustrations.

Graduating is no easy feat. All the late nights of studying, the intense test-taking, and voluminous research and reading required for the flood of term papers is enough to make anyone give in to partying all night and skipping class the next day. But those who persevere walk away with a diploma in hand. Celebrating Graduation is the ideal pat-on-the-back present for graduates who have reached the pinnacle by completing their coursework. The sixth title in the 1-800-flowers.com gift book series, Celebrating Graduation pays homage to this monumental step in life with both lighthearted and sage advice, facts, figures, real-life quotes, and heartwarming stories from 1-800-flowers.com employees and customers.

Celebrating Graduation is not only a gift book–it’s a source of inspiration for millions of Americans who wish to convey special sentiments to those who have earned their degrees. The book is a unique gift that can serve as a catalyst for conversation and a tool for those who struggle with expressing feelings in a deep and genuine way. The sentiments found in these quotes and stories express the pride, love, and joy felt for those who have reached graduation.

Both practical and inspirational, the entries gleaned from real-life stories will strike a universal chord for every reader. Quotes and little-known facts about the tradition of graduating are also included.

About the Author

Jim McCann is a highly successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and author whose passion is helping people connect and express themselves with the important people in their lives. Jim’s passion and vision led to his founding of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, which he has grown into the world’s leading florist and gift shop. His willingness to embrace new technologies, such as the Internet, mobile commerce, and social networking, often long before others, has enabled Jim to stay at the forefront of consumer and social trends. 

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