Candy Hearts

A devastatingly funny view of how romantic couples are not on the same page

Tommy Siegel's single-panel "candy hearts" cartoons are sharp-edged yet lighthearted observations of human romantic relationships. Each one brilliantly depicts the many ways in which lovers deceive each other and hide their true feelings from the world. In Tommy Siegel's capable hands, this simple premise is incredibly relatable and very, very funny.

About the Author

Tommy Siegel is a Brooklyn-based musician and artist. As the lead guitarist for the power pop trio Jukebox the Ghost, Tommy has toured internationally and appeared on leading late-night television programs. His 500 Days of Comics challenge, in which he posted an original comic online each day, led to a viral following, with comics shared by Ringo Starr, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tim Heidecker, Dan Aykroyd, and many hundreds of thousands of others. On any given day, you can find Tommy getting over-caffeinated and producing music in his home studio for commercial use, film and TV, other artists, and his own projects.

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