Breathe Deep, Little Sheep

A Calm-Down Book for Kids

Self-Care for Kids

A kid-friendly introduction to self-soothing and mindfulness with adorable animal friends. A child’s “very first step” into mindfulness where the story’s short rhymes can be used as soothing mantras, paired with delightful illustrations of baby animals working through anxious situations. This book does double duty as a self-help story providing great comfort beyond the pages.

About the Author

JESSICA LEE is a parent of two boys and a firm believer in teaching mindfulness to children young and old. She enjoys animals of all kinds (especially puppies) and believes that spending time with animals can teach us more about ourselves.
LUCIA WILKINSON is a children's book and magazine illustrator based in Sheffield, England. She loves creating characters and the natural worlds they inhabit. She has created lots of designs for board books, sticker books, activity books, and magazines.

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