Bracketivity DreamWorks

You Decide Who Wins!

Join Shrek, Toothless, Puss In Boots, Poppy, and more of your favorite DreamWorks characters in this super-awesome Bracketivity book! Fill out brackets by choosing your favorite of each category, 32 times, until you end up with the ultimate winner. Discover which topping you'd most like on your waffles with Donkey, who is the evilest DreamWorks supervillain, and which Megamind-like superpower is the best, just to name a few!

Which flavor of pie would you rather throw in Lord Farquaad's face —strawberry or pecan? Pumpkin or rhubarb? Gingerbread or checkerboard?

In this all-new DreamWorks edition of Bracketivity, you'll love filling tons of fun Bracketivities out to determine your favorite in each category (and the ultimate winner). This book will give you prompts to put your favorite to the test, like which party would the most fun to plan with Poppy and the Trolls. This book also includes bonus pages at the end to create your own Bracketivities. Featured characters include Shrek, Poppy, Puss In Boots, Kung Fu Panda, The Croods, Toothless, and more.

About the Author

June Day is the pen name for Hannah Dussold. She lives in Kansas City, MO with her three cats and a pile of books.

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