Born to Love, Cursed to Feel Revised Edition

Samantha King Holmes brings forth a raw, original perspective. A collection of poetry that breathes hope into the idea of love while mourning the human condition of seeking out connections, sometimes with the wrong people. Her verse takes the readers on an introspective journey of love, longing, and self-evolution.

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel Revised Edition brings to life an answer to the many difficult questions involving self-love and the feelings we have for others. The book explores the need to connect and the way emotions can complicate our decision making. Ultimately this book is a poetic documentation of heartbreak, anguish, and redemption. A story told in hopes of reminding others that their mistakes do not define them and that the end is usually the beginning of something more. 

In this revised edition, new, never-before-seen poems are sprinkled throughout among beloved and refreshed pieces from the first edition.

About the Author

In 2016, Queens native Samantha King Holmes would release her debut poetry collection Born to Love, Cursed to Feel, and the rest is history. With a blend of strength, wit, and a creative mind that resembles some of the greatest notable figures in New York's history, Samantha King Holmes has placed herself in the conversation that revolves around the new revolution of modern-day poets and what it truly means to be able to create something so profound and essential in the life of today.

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