Big Box of Big Nate

Big Nate Box Set Volume 1-4

What's better than a Big Nate book? How about FOUR Big Nate books in one box!

Nate Wright—self-described genius, aspiring cartoonist, and the all-time record holder for most detentions in school history—is the star of Lincoln Peirce's widely loved and kid-approved comic strip Big Nate, which has charmed readers of all ages for nearly 30 years. Now you can own the first four collections of the New York Times bestselling series in this box set of classic school hijinks. Go back to the beginning of Nate's daily battles against overzealous teachers, quests to pest his rival Gina, and, of course, many misadventures with pals Teddy and Francis. With an expert prankster like Nate around, there's never a dull day in the halls of P.S. 38.

This boxed set is the perfect starter pack for Big Nate fans as well as a treat for long-time reader, all of which can enjoy Peirce's timeless comics for years to come.This collection contains the following Big Nate books:

  • Big Nate: From the Top 
  • Big Nate Out Loud 
  • Big Nate and Friends
  • Big Nate Makes the Grade

About the Author

Lincoln Peirce has been drawing the Big Nate comic strip for more than 20 years. Born in Ames, Iowa, Peirce grew up in Durham, New Hampshire. As a kid, he began creating his own strips in the sixth grade. Peirce taught high school in New York City and has created several animated pilots for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. He lives in Portland, Maine, with his family.

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