Bee & Me (PagePerfect NOOK Book)

Ages 4 and up.

When a young boy discovers a bee trapped in his bedroom he hides for fear of being stung. But when the amiable bee frantically explains all that bees do, the boy comes to understand how good things come in different packages: "Bees make honey. That much we know. Bees also spread pollen, which makes all things grow." 

The subject of honeybees’ mysterious dwindling population throughout the world has been a growing concern in the news in recent years. Bee and Me brings the critical importance of bees to light for young children through the innovative, full color process of ANIMOTION in an engaging story of friendship and understanding. Bee and Me will charm readers while providing valuable information about how important bees are to sustainable agriculture. Bee and Me is sure to fascinate, entertain and engage readers of all ages.


* Unique animated windows on almost every spread enhancing the action of the story.

The first time ever that such a technique has been applied in full color through the ANIMOTION process.

* Enchanting full color illustrations.

* Special appendix full of fun and important bee facts.

About the Author

 Elle J. McGuinness is a children's book author and lives in northern California.

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