Be a Light Unto Yourself

Discovering and Accepting Who You Are from the Words of the Buddha

Gautama Buddha was the founder of what we know as Buddhism, a spiritual tradition that is recognized throughout the world as one of compassion, peace, and understanding. Like his final words, Gautama Buddha’s teachings were often simple phrases that carried profound thoughts and implications. When the words of the Buddha were gathered together, a special collection was made – The Dhammapada or The Way of Truth. Be a Light Unto Yourself relates the story of Gautama Buddha and the spiritual revolution he began. It is a collection of teachings that relate strongest to the power and depth of the statement "Be a light unto yourself." This book teaches you to know yourself and to always look within yourself for guidance and to trust your own senses. Among the teachings you’ll find:

"Your life is determined by the nature of mind…A silent mind creates a peaceful life. Happiness will follow this mind like an ever-present shadow."
"Not in the sky, not in the deepness of the sea, not in the rocky clefts of the mountains is there a spot in the world where you can hide from yourself."
"If you can govern your anger like a charioteer his chariot, you are a real driver; otherwise you simply hold the reins."

About the Author

 After completing an education in which she excelled in ancient languages, Priya Hemenway left Montreal and began a journey through India, which continued for over 20 years. During this time she devoted herself to the study of some of the world's ancient religions, such as Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Mystical Christianity. Priya's previous books include The Prayer Bead Box, The Tao Box, Hindu Gods, and The Book of Everything.

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