Banksy Wisdom

40 Messages Through Street Art

Dive into the world of Banksy with this exclusive card deck. With the iconic works of the elusive artist, along with a booklet full of interpretations and background information, Banksy Wisdom reveals meanings behind the artist’s graffiti. It’s a journey through urban art like never before!

Like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Banksy’s graffiti artwork communicates complex messages through iconic imagery. Banksy’s work invites those who come across it in the world to reflect—on current events, on one’s role in society—to observe reality with a critical eye, to ask questions about themselves and others. With that, this card deck and booklet offer 40 fun, relevant, and modern symbols with which readers can contemplate the messages and meanings of Banksy’s work. Each card will include one of the artist's most iconic works and an inspirational message. The companion booklet will contain a more in-depth description of the message and an art-historical contextualization of the work. Banksy Wisdom offers readers the opportunity to ask about the larger and more nuanced questions about life, and our place in it.

About the Author

Born in Geneva in 1982, Sabina lives and works in Rome. With a degree in Art History, she studies contemporary languages ​​and street art. She made her debut with Banksy: The Terrorist of Art. Her book detailing the secret life of the most famous artist of all time (Castelvecchi, 2010), marks the first Italian monograph on the British artist. She has also curated several exhibitions and written articles for weekly and daily publications.
Philosophical consultant and author, Giulia Manzi explores self-knowledge through fiction and the language of imagination. She resides in Rome, which she considers the most magical city in the world, surrounded by dusty volumes, a plump cat, and dried herbs. In her free time, she writes, dabbles with runes and tarot cards, and engages in role-playing. She also curated the Find Your Magic tarot deck for Vivida.

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