Animal Crossing New Horizons

Pro Island Designer

You’ve settled on your island paradise, but now it’s time to make it your own. A perfect companion for the online Animal Crossing New Horizons game, this unofficial guide provides a wealth of tips, tricks, and workarounds to elevate your island to new heights.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Pro Island Designer will give you the tools to unlock ultimate creative freedom. Discover how to combine furniture items to create themed areas, such as diners and cafes, as well as how to use the Custom Design Editor app on your NookPhone to elevate them to the next level and add your personal flair.

It doesn’t stop there either—get to grips with the Custom Design Pro Editor app to create your own outfits, and soon everywhere and everyone on your island will be decked out in your own unique designs. With sections on how to create notice boards, host music festivals, and so much more, this is a must-have for all Animal Crossing enthusiasts.

This book is only the beginning—use the tools learned here to unlock the true creative power of Animal Crossing New Horizons!

About the Author

Claire Lister is a writer and editor with over 15 years of publishing experience. She's worked closely with several brands including Lego, Hot Wheels and Barbie to create licensed children's books, and also likes to keep up with the trends herself.

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