Amazing But True Golf Facts

Viktor Johansson routinely hits a golf ball more than 420 yards. His clubhead speed has been clocked at 165 mph-most top pros measure out at about 110 mph-and he breaks driver shafts or caves in clubheads at least once a week. At long-driving shows, he’s billed as ‘Swing Kong.'” –Amazing but True Golf Facts

In Amazing but True Golf Facts Allan Zullo and Chris Rodell have put together astonishing, mind-boggling, and beyond belief morsels from the world of golf.

Some of the more intriguing new details in Amazing but True Golf Facts include the most holes played (73); Hollywood movie star Will Smith’s obsession with the game (he built a par 3 hole in his back yard); the surge of the Dow Jones Industrial Average every time Tiger Woods played a televised match during the 1990s; and the fact that Phil Mickelson’s 2001 commercial that features his famous “backward flop” shot, in which Mickelson, back to the green, hits the ball backward over the head of a company’s CEO, and into the cup, required only three takes.

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  Allan Zullo is the author or coauthor of nearly 100 nonfiction books, including the books in the best-selling Amazing But True series. He lives in Fairview, North Carolina.

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