A Woman with a Minute . . .

In a quick 20-minute read, A Woman with a Minute . . . conveys a powerful message to women: Give yourself the credit you deserve for all that you accomplish.

A Woman with a Minute . . . will want to sit down in her favorite chair. But first, she may want to . . . get a cup of coffee. If there isn’t any coffee ready, she’ll start to make some. That’s when she’ll see the notes. They will remind her that she needs to make something for the bake sale today. As she reads the cookie recipe, she’ll start getting out the ingredients. Then she’ll remember that there are still some groceries in the car. On her way to the garage, she’ll walk past the laundry room and decide to throw some clothes in the washer. . . .

Author Barbara Stoker provides an amusing and effective reminder that women are wonderful, and that we need to stop being so hard on ourselves because we do get an amazing number of things done. The perfect gift for a girlfriend who simply can’t see how talented, smart, and beautiful she is, A Woman with a Minute . . . uses a fresh format that blends charming humor and chic illustrations to lead the reader through the maze of complex thinking and associations women make every day.

A Woman with a Minute . . . is an ideal gift for any woman.

About the Author

A former executive for Disney, Hallmark, Mattel, and Coors, Barbara Stoker is a prominent consultant, author, and speaker on personal leadership, specializing in women and risk taking. Her client list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies. She is a single mother of three sons and an avid technical rock and ice climber, as well as a paragliding pilot. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

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