A Dog’s Book of Truths

LuLu and Maxie are sisters, two dogs who’ve become an artistic passion for photographer Nancy LeVine. For nearly a decade, she’s chronicled their lives and, in the process, opened a window into the relationship between canines and their world and what dogs can teach us about ourselves. In A Dog’s Book of Truths, LeVine pairs her stunning duotone images with the insightful words of poet Joseph Duemer. The results range from humorous to profound. As one dog looks purposefully into the camera: "Some dogs are comic geniuses precisely because they take the world so seriously." Another dog, alone on a subway train: "To lose a dog’s trust is to fail the soul." When several dogs tussle over a stick: "A dog will run in circles or chase sticks endlessly not out of mindlessness but from energy and delight in her existence." Throughout the pages of A Dog’s Book of Truths, LeVine’s photos resonate with clear glimpses at those unself-conscious moments that transcend superficiality and artifice. Dog lovers will relish this book for its honesty and verve, while photography lovers will find its images unparalleled takes on dogs at their most natural. Everyone else will find the philosophical union between dog and human a mostcompelling subject. A Dog’s Book of Truths is a must-have volume for everyone interested in more fully exploring the mysteries of life.

About the Author

Nancy LeVine is an award-winning photographer who travels worldwide on a variety of assignments. Her clients include Microsoft, Starbucks, Puget Energy, and the Alliance for Education. She has worked for L'Officiel de la Couture magazine in Paris, and her images have appeared in American Photo and the Photo Review. With a master's degree from New York University/International Center of Photography, Nancy lives in Seattle, Wash.

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