150 Happy Facts by The Happy Broadcast

From the creators of the incredibly popular social channel, The Happy Broadcast, comes an illustrated book packed with 150 wholesome, positive facts for kids to learn from and enjoy.

Did you know that giraffe populations in Africa have rebounded by 20 percent since 2015? Or that researchers are looking into a mustard-based fuel (yes, like the stuff on hamburgers!) for airplanes? And have you ever heard of something called "pee-cycling?"

With so much negative news in the mainstream media, it is often easy to forget that there are countless amazingly positive things happening in our world. That is why Mauro Gatti, an Emmy award-winning creator and illustrator, started The Happy Broadcast in 2018 as an Instagram channel focused on surfacing some of the positive actors in our world who are driving change in areas like the environment, animal rights, social justice, and more. Science shows that a positive outlook greatly improves mental health, and The Happy Broadcast has become a movement to ensure that in the world of news, positivity wins out! The book includes over 150 illustrated news items that kids are sure to enjoy.

In 150 Happy Facts by The Happy Broadcast, you'll read all about 150 happy and anxiety-free facts like the ones above. Topics include animals, mental health, sports, and more! Each happy fact is illustrated by award-winning artist Mauro Gatti and accompanied by informative text that has been vetted by experts. This is a great nonfiction book for kids, or anyone who needs a little good news in their life.


About the Author

Mauro Gatti is an Italian illustrator and creative director based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked for many years on illustrations, branding, games, apps, videos and installations for an amazing range of clients, from MTV, Nike and Disney to JibJab, Line, Redbull, Vans, as well as many local businesses and community organizations. Mauro also co-founded Illustri, the biggest association of illustrators in Italy. Together with his business partner and friend Keith Bonnici, an entrepreneur and accomplished business executive, the pair have launched The Happy Broadcast as a mental health-focused initiative that sprinkles positivity into people’s lives to help improve their overall happiness. The Happy Broadcast is followed by over 1 million people across various social channels as well as through their mental health and wellness mobile app, WHOLE. Their team believes that a positive outlook can greatly improve the mental well-being of society and they are on a mission to spread information about the many positive things in our world to all.


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