Gabriel Hicks

Gabe Hicks is an independent game designer for digital and tabletop. He's currently working on a Goblin Dating Sim called Hidden Treasures, created the CMM an alternate creation tool for 5e focused on narrative and the class itself which has been downloaded over 10,000 times and been featured on multiple shows and even the Roll20 marketplace. He has worked with Roll20, Paizo, Shadow Health, MageHandPress, MCDM, Andrews McMeel Publishing, and more. An avid cosplayer, voice actor, streamer, and writer Gabe is seen wearing many hats with the focus that you can always find a balance, especially when you learn who can help you create those stories. He leads a group called Mythic Grove that focuses on highlighting smaller creators to give them an opportunity and platform on a game design project so they can both get experience and show their capability. One of the most important focuses for him is the emphasis of what a community can create. "Let's put more magic into the world, together."

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