Bridgett Devoue

i've always had the urge to write for as long as i can remember. my earliest writing memory is from middle school, when we had to write a poem for a class assignment. naturally, i was drawn to writing about my darkest, most vulnerable experiences. my poem was voted best in the class, and i got to read in front of the entire school. i received a standing ovation and realized that my words could make others cry, not out of sadness but out of connection.

as life went on, i eventually stopped writing, spending the next few years making mistakes & learning, on repeat. after a breakup, job change, and a sudden onset of chronic pain, i found myself overwhelmed by life. writing became more than an escape: it was healing me. i began sharing my work on instagram, and the feedback i received was life changing. knowing that others not only appreciated my work but also related to it inspired me to continue to write, finally culminating in my first book, soft thorns.

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