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An Old-Fashioned Christmas
on Ice and Bad Santa, Patrick Regan counters saccharine seasonal sentiment with a dose of holiday, ?In An Old-Fashioned Christmas, author Patrick Regan collects images from the golden days, of adorable children." Fans of Regan's The Book of Bad Habits will take twisted delight in his, photos are odd enough on their own, but when Regan's caustic captions start flying, no tradition is safe
My Unflappable Mom
My Unflappable Mom, A photographic penguin-filled ode to mom arriving just in time for Mother’s Day from the successful team who created Flipping Brilliant and other top-selling gift books.Jonathan Chester and Patrick Regan's My Unflappable Mom is a loving tribute to “the most rare of birds, illustrate Regan’s charming verse that honors those incredible, unflappable moms who nurture, Unflappable Mom, Chester and Regan celebrate the relationship between mother and child while praising mom
Under Your Wing
Under Your Wing, Photographer Bob Elsdale and author Patrick Regan team up to offer more than 40 reasons to pay tribute to motherhood: From her role of nurturer, teacher, and cheerleader to stepping back and watching her efforts take flight, these photographic spreads of feathery fledgling chicks are perfectly paired with heartfelt verse:Whenever I lost my way and my feathers were ruffled, you were there to smooth them.With every loving act and patient lesson, you prepared me for my life
Stay Cool
, award-winning polar photographer Jonathan Chester and writer Patrick Regan reveal the uncanny life
The Red Cat Society
are always ready to go out and play. Author Patrick Regan and artist Kevin Whitlark do an outstanding job, . Kevin and Patrick confess to being neither cats nor women, though they have each owned several cats
Brighter Days Are on the Way
Brighter Days Are on the Way, Becky Kelly creates a wonderful world indeed."Becky Kelly's spirit-infused watercolor illustrations perfectly capture the warmth, generosity-and fun!-that exists between people who care about each other. This new book from artist Becky Kelly and writer Patrick Regan makes a wonderful addition to Becky's growing library of books. Brighter Days Are on the Way is the perfect way to let someone know you're thinking about her. Saying "get well" sometimes doesn't quite
The Book of Bad Habits
in the act.At risk of attracting a lightning bolt from the blue, author Patrick Regan has rifled through
You Think Your Job Stinks!
You Think Your Job Stinks!, According to a recent Gallup Poll, 88% of Americans are dissatisfied with some aspect of their current vocations.* The perfect "and you thought your job was lousy" antidote to Monday-morning blues as well as a humorous pick-me-up for recent graduates searching for that ideal first job.Jammed copier machines, new assignments with unrealistic deadlines, duplication of efforts-if such occurrences constitute another day on the job, Patrick Regan offers solace
Flipping Brilliant
Flipping Brilliant, The more you find out about penguins, the more they seem to have in common with another oddly endearing flightless biped. Namely, us. --Flipping BrilliantThink March of the Penguins meets Life's Little Instruction Book by way of National Geographic.Award-winning nature photographer Jonathan Chester captures the essence of the Antarctic's most popular residents to illustrate the similarities between penguins' lives and our own. Patrick Regan's clever narrative offers

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