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Flight Plans
Flight Plans, * "The world is your birdbath."* "Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings." * "Success can take a long time to hatch." * Distinguished naturalist painter Maryjo Koch offers, , and anyone who has ever had to alter their flight plans, Maryjo Koch offers captivating, beautifully, that pairs Koch's avian images with inspiring prose about soaring above difficulties and living life to the fullest. Koch delivers gentle humor and timeless wisdom based on observations of her finely flocked
Nesting Instincts
Nesting Instincts, Nesting Instincts is the perfect gift for fans of Koch’s illustrations of nature’s beauty, as well as for moms of all varieties, from those just building their nests to those who lovingly keep their chick safe and well-fed.In her book Nesting Instincts, Maryjo Koch, the author, of the joys, both great and small, of parenthood as illustrated through Koch's superb watercolor artwork.Nesting Instincts is the perfect gift for fans of Koch's realistic depictions of nature's beauty
Collage: Vintage Notecard Kit
Collage: Vintage Notecard Kit, Acclaimed artist Maryjo Koch combines her love of nature and collage to inspire this namesake, one-of-a-kind Collage: Vintage Notecard Kit.The kit comes complete with specialty papers featuring Maryjo's trademark watercolor images of birds, flowers, and other natural elements, along with a pack of 12 blank notecards and envelopes, as well as a 32-page collage instruction book, glue stick, and proportion tool.With the only card-making kit to focus on collage
The Nature of Friendship
The Nature of Friendship, Nature and friendship are alive in Maryjo Koch's book, The Nature of Friendship. Sure to be a classic, this elegant and beautifully illustrated gift book soars with its natural subjects. Borrowing from her archives, Koch presents nature watercolors that showcase birds, insects, plant life, and water creatures, and celebrate the universal joy of relating to a true friend.Bright colors, natural settings, and nature's little friends convey sentiments simply stated, yet
Bee Happy!
Bee Happy!,  Enchanted watercolor bees take flight through Maryjo Koch's inspired original art and hand-lettered prose in this gift book that bears the wonderful message of living a happy life. A thoughtful gift for grads, moms, friends, anyone heading down a new path, Bee Happy shares wit and wisdom for happiness in a naturally giftable package., 9781449447106, (Collection), ,
Love Bugs
Love Bugs, The author-illustrator of the best-selling Bird, Egg, Feather, Nest blends her compellingly realistic watercolor artwork with the nature theme of insects, to create a delightful, unique celebration of love and romance.You don't have to be an entomologist to appreciate the wonderfully realistic watercolor insect images found inside Maryjo Koch's Love Bugs. Offering a "bug-eyed view, , and more are compellingly captured by the stroke of Koch's paintbrush and presented alongside humorous
Eat, Sleep, Fly
life changes. Koch captures the spirit and beauty of metamorphosis in this petite gift book brimming with gentle humor and lessons on life. The illustrations, each rendered in artist Maryjo Koch's
The Artist, the Cook, and the Gardener
or fresh local produce. Artist Maryjo Koch explores this centuries-old connection in a new cookbook, of artistic, culinary, and gardening inspirations inside Maryjo Koch’s lavish cookbook., 9781449421465

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