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Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar
Elliot, Johnie Hawkins, Johny Hawkins, riddles, Jonny Hawkins, Rob Elliott, 290 Bad Jokes & 75
Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar
calendar, pageaday calendar, page a day calendar, Laugh Out Loud book, kids joke books, Jonny Hawkins, jokes for kids book, jokes for kids, joke calendar, Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, humour, holiday jokes
Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2018 Calendar
Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2018 Calendar, Dog lovers will be doggone delighted in the Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2018 Calendar’s campy collection of canine cartoons. Join humorist Jonny Hawkins for a year-long walk and meet a variety of pooch personalities along the way—from hard-working herders to leisure-seeking hounds. This pack of pups will fetch daily giggles and grins as Hawkins successfully conveys, ., 9781449482411, (Collection), Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, day to day desk calendar, plastic easel
Teacher Cartoon-a-Day 2017 Calendar
Teacher Cartoon-a-Day 2017 Calendar, The Teacher Cartoon-A-Day 2017 Calendar imparts cleverly cartooned lessons highlighting comical elements from our educational system.The campy cartoons of humorist Jonny Hawkins depict comical schoolroom curriculums, digital-device mishaps, and silly playground escapades. After all, recess isn’t just for students—educators deserve some fun, too., 9781449477240, (Collection), Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, calendar for teachers, gifts for teachers, day
Fishing Cartoon-a-Day 2017 Calendar
Fishing Cartoon-a-Day 2017 Calendar, Well-stocked with a zany collection of fishing adventures, the Fishing Cartoon-A-Day 2017 Calendar nets daily chuckles and grins as humorist Jonny Hawkins skillfully guides you on a yearlong angling expedition.Comical caricatures of tackle-box foibles, campy tales of landing lively lunkers, and madcap recounts of the big catch that got away serve as reminders, ), plastic easel calendar, pageaday calendar, page a day calendar, Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, humour
Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2017 Calendar
Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2017 Calendar, Join humorist Jonny Hawkins on a yearlong walk as he fetches daily chuckles and grins with the Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2017 Calendar’s collection of campy canine cartoons.From exuberant welcome-home greetings and frenzied tail wagging to muddy paw prints and occasional “accidents,” this calendar’s cartooned caricatures highlight the inherent humor in caring for man’s, Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, humour calendar, funny dog calendar, dog shaming calendar, dog shaming book, dog
Cat Cartoon-A Day 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar
Cat Cartoon-A Day 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar, The Cat Cartoon-A-Day 2017 Calendar offers a year’s worth of fur-bulous cartoons as humorist Jonny Hawkins contemplates the comical relationship between humans and their feline companions.Learn the truth about who really “owns” who (cats own people), what’s proper kitty etiquette for grooming in public (there is none), and when it’s okay for your, calendar, pageaday calendar, page a day calendar, Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, humour calendar
Medical Cartoon-a-Day 2018 Calendar
Medical Cartoon-a-Day 2018 Calendar, The Medical Cartoon-A-Day 2018 Calendar administers a daily dose of rib-tickling wit to the world of medicine. Humorist Jonny Hawkins’s campy gag cartoons portray wacky patient behavior, zany creative cures, and unconventional insurance plans at their most comically imaginative. To help healthcare providers meet their intake for fun, this calendar dispenses, , (Collection), Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, Johny Hawkin, Johnie Hawkin, day to day desk calendar, plastic
Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2019 Calendar
Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2019 Calendar, Offering a playful leash on life, the Dog Cartoon-A-Day 2019 Calendar fetches giggles and grins. Jokester Jonny Hawkins treats dog lovers to a year’s worth of punny pooch personalities—from uproariously rowdy rompers, to the kooky, nervous types. Each cartooned page successfully renders the comical, yet affectionately enduring, bond between canine and human.As, calendar, Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, humour calendar, funny dog calendar, dog calendar 2019, dog
Fishing Cartoon-A-Day 2019 Calendar
Fishing Cartoon-A-Day 2019 Calendar, The Fishing Cartoon-A-Day 2019 Calendar nets chuckles and grins with a year’s worth of zany fishing funnies courtesy of a daily weigh-in with humorist Jonny Hawkins. Outrageous baits, ridiculous secrets for landing lunkers, and outlandish recounts of trophy catches will keep anglers afloat while waiting for the next “reel” fishing adventure.As an added bonus, a day calendar, Johny Hawkins, Johnie Hawkins, funny calendars, desk calendar, day to day calendar

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