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Man, I Hate Cursive
Man, I Hate Cursive, 2017 Eisner Award Nominee—Best Humor PublicationNo one does comics like Jim Benton. His creativity and artistry have led to the monster success of It's Happy Bunny and Dear Dumb Diary, and his standalone strips have topped Reddit's comics section for years.Jim Benton's first cartoon collection was nominated for an Eisner. This new volume collects more of Jim's most popular, whimsical to cutting, from gross to poignant, Benton's grasp of the form is on full and hilarious
Safely Endangered Comics
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Quite a Mountain
Quite a Mountain, Award-winning cartoonist Jim Benton presents an all-ages book about following your dreams and the ups and downs of friendship.A bear and a frog decide to climb a mountain. The bear is determined to reach the top, but the frog isn’t so sure. When everyone says you’ve gone far enough, how do you decide to keep going? A whimsical journey of self-discovery, as well as a gentle look, humor of cartoonist’s cartoonist Jim Benton., 9781449481445, (Collection), ,

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