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One Hot Chick
One Hot Chick, So many freaks . . . so few circuses."* This hip relationship manual (part self-help and part self-expression) pairs inspired sarcasm with expressive illustrations.One Hot Chick: In Search of Mr. Right -- Now is Cheryl Caldwell's second Co-Edikit book--this time combining her lively cartoon character drawings with to-the-point relationship observations:* I'm so miserable without you . . . it's almost like you're still here."* "Nobody's ugly after 2 a.m."* "How about a nice tall
I Can't Remember If I'm the Good Sister or the Evil One
I Can't Remember If I'm the Good Sister or the Evil One, "Lost in thought...please send a search party"Co-edikit tackles our most complicated, fun, and devoted relationship--sisterhood--with its characteristically witty wisecracks. Cheryl Caldwell pens her third Co-edikit title, which combines her lively trademark character illustrations with to-the-point relationship observations on the subject of sisterhood.Warm thoughts like, "You've loved me when I've been full of joy, full of myself

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